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Complementing styles with accessories

Fashion makes the world go round. While this might be an empty phrase for some, to others it is a perfect description of their lifestyle. Fashion is more than just popular clothes; it is an entire concept and a philosophy of how we choose to present ourselves among others. As such, fashion is an evolving […]

Sienna Miller und ihr gutes Stilgefühl

Sienna Miller wurde zur Stilikone, indem sie sich anfangs Twiggy als Vorbild machte. Was sie trägt, wird zum Must-Have und sie schafft es, die Menschen zu inspirieren und zu faszinieren. Mit einer Größe von nur 1,65m weiß sie trotzdem, wie sie sich kleiden muss, um blendend auszusehen. Im Jahre 1981 wurde Sienna Miller in New […]

Jessica Alba’s Style

Jessica Alba is vibrant, fit and fashionable. She elegantly manages to balance her personal life with demands of her full-fledged Hollywood career as a top celebrity. Some even laud Jessica as the world’s most attractive woman. Raving reviews have appeared about her in some of the most popular fashion magazines. With her brunette looks, classic […]

Shoe Trends

Famous celebrities and popular show biz personalities play a major role in setting shoe trends. Die-hard fans and followers are quick in adopting their prevailing fashion designs and styles, almost with a spiritual fervor. Shoe Styles Stiletto heels are still very much in fashion. In fact, they never really were unfashionable. They have gradually started […]

Victoria Beckham’s Styling

Victoria Beckham is a popular British pop singer, fashion designer, dancer, songwriter, actress, entrepreneur, author and model. Her meteoric rise to fame and sensation in the 90s is attributed to the worldwide renowned pop group, popularly known as the Spice Girls. Since her fame with Spice Girls, Victoria went on to make a number of […]

How to look sexy on Valentine’s Day

Instead of wearing those fancy dresses that young ladies usually save for special occasions, a romantic Valentine’s Day holiday celebration calls for a dress with a spark that adapts a more sparkling, sexy look. There is a profusion of sexy styles that spruces up their appearance to give them the opportunity of spending a haunting […]