Shoe Trends

Famous celebrities and popular show biz personalities play a major role in setting shoe trends. Die-hard fans and followers are quick in adopting their prevailing fashion designs and styles, almost with a spiritual fervor.

Shoe Styles

Stiletto heels are still very much in fashion. In fact, they never really were unfashionable. They have gradually started to dominate the scene once again. Stilettos are elegant, streamlined, and sexy looking. The higher its heels, the hotter these shoes tend look. Though, they fails to offer full support to the foot, ergonomics are usually the least concern of someone looking for perfect designer shoes.

Thick heels and platforms have continued to dominate the scene for some time now, and many major shoe designers continue to carry them in their forthcoming selections. So, those sturdy heels that many may have eagerly invested in will not entirely go waste, despite the stronger presence of the trendy stiletto.

Tapered heels start with a thick top and steadily taper down, quite often in a curved shape that ends in a more stiletto-type point at its bottom. Since they are contemporary, eye-catching and sexy, they will spice up any outfit. Not being particularly classical, they can be worn for many coming seasons.

Square toed shoes are not currently in fashion. Hence, it could be time for a return. Before one begins to dread the clunky square toed shoes that were once more popular, one should take a closer look at the new presentation. They are now more tapered at the toes, with only a short, slightly blunt nose.

All inimitable styles and designs in shoes are in trend now. From buckles to studs to laces to straps, every option is there, provided it is unique and interesting. Suede, reptile skins, and aesthetically blended materials, can all be found in the latest shoe trends.