Wedding Planning

After setting the imperative date, the day one has always dreamt about starts to loom as a true reality. However, unlike dreams, this reality actually means budgeting for the dream wedding. Deciding where to start can become quite confusing. Thus preparing a budget for the wedding is not an easy and short procedure. Yet, it is a manageable task that provides complete peace of mind on the final wedding day. Get hold of a pencil and notepaper, not forgetting the fiancé, and get going.

Preparing a Checklist

The first part is deciding about the type of wedding planned. Will the ceremony be a large and formal affair? Or, will it be an elegantly simple and casual event? Before proceeding any further, finding answers to these questions, will make the task of preparing an expense checklist easy and simple. Strictly keeping style of the preferred wedding dress in mind, proceed to shop around several boutiques and local stores. The notepaper will be handy in jotting down prices for the wedding gowns, festive dresses for other occasions, and wedding suits at several selective shops.

Selecting a wedding cake may sound easy but prices can considerably vary. Shop around to find just the right cake at the best price. Local grocery stores often offer prices which are a fraction of what is charged by private decorator services. Wedding receptions offer a variety of options. Keeping the budget in mind, decide whether a full course meal or relatively simple appetizers and drinks will serve the purpose. Depending on the number of guest planned, the choice may boil down to a banquet hall or a friend’s backyard. For comparison purposes, make a list of banquet halls, country clubs, restaurants and catering services. In order to make the wedding location and atmosphere more special, it is a good idea to decorate the place with removable wall decals. Various motifs are available and can add the icing on the cake of your wedding.

Once the checklist is thoroughly evaluated, shopping with increased knowledge of what is really wanted and at what price becomes much easier.