Fashion and Clothing for Cheeky Girls

You all know the saying „Good Girls Go to Heaven – Bad Girls Go Everywhere“, don't you? Well, the same counts for fashion, clothing and style. A fancy girl needs fancy clothes to make the difference. So welcome to, a website about fashion and style for girls who don't fit in and who are confident enough to show it. On this website you will find tips and information about fashion trends, hairstyles and all the things that turn my sassy girl into a hot little lady.

For that matter, we analyze the styles and tricks of famous celebrities such as Jessica Alba, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, It-girl Shincine [kr] Wilson or actress Angelina Jolie, you name them. You will find workshops and suggestions in terms of make-up and what cosmetics you have to use. And as a special treat you can read our little guideline regarding everybody's favorite topic – sex and love, oh yeah. What you have have to wear on your first date and how you have to get it on with the man of your dreams.

Yupgi Girls – the place to be for the elegant females

When you are about to hang out with your girls to spend a nice evening at the club or your favorite Cocktail lounge we tell you how to dress and style. We present you the best perfumes and fragrances, the hottest cocktail dress and the hippest hairstyles. So at the end of the day, you will be the queen on the catwalk and all doors are open for you. You can go everywhere. Heaven can wait.