Colourfully dressed

Spring is near and it’s time to dress more colourfully in order to shine like the flowers growing around everybody. Thankfully there are many colours to choose from and many styles to combine with as well. White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Blue, Purple, Green, Black and the hues in between make it possible. But in the huge variety of styles and fashion codes, it is difficult to find the one, the single and the perfect style for oneself. There are so many fashion trends going on in all places of the world that it is even possible to combine Chinese patterns with American style sweaters. Various materials like jeans, cotton or satin can be put together in order to form an individual style. It all depends on individual tastes. What should people take heed of when so many things are possible?

Which colours go together?

There is a tendency to wear bright colours in combination with white and black, which is always a good idea. But for people who are a bit more courageous one colour sometimes is not enough. Thankfully, for someone with an eye for colour it is possible to combine different colours. A bright green for example goes well with a soft red or yellow. And a deep blue can be a good contrast to a light orange. It is all about complementary colours and a well executed mixture of prints an pattern since not everything is plain-coloured.

Beside colours

In order to create a visual effect, it is also a good idea to use other materials beside the cloth itself. Certain pearls, beads and jewelry can make a difference as well. These can be put on the cloth and can be used as decorative elements on the skin, too. Pearls can break the light in different shades and can bestow the fashion device with an individual value. And by decorating the clothes, they become a statement of the people wearing them.