Beauty and body care

Since women are always fascinated by all things that can make them feel better, prettier and generally more adorable it doesn’t come as a surprise that nearly every woman has a huge amount of make-up at her disposal. Eyeliners, mascara, lipsticks, moisturizers, perfumes and blemish balms of all kinds – women often own so many beauty items that they run out of room to store them. And chances are that they might soon add some more products since a new range of BB-cream products has just been released. These creams are ideal for the cold season since they combine the advantages of blemish creams and moisturizers. Therefore they don’t only cover up reddened areas of the skin and parts which are irritated but also supply them with moisture and caring ingredients. Among these are the following:

  1. Titanium dioxide
  2. Zinc oxide
  3. Panthenol
  4. Liquorice root

These natural ingredients have caring, moisturizing, concealing and protecting effects. The functionality of the creams makes them ideal for concealing irritations of the skin and at the same time treating them. So instead of being in the need for two separate creams you can rely on just one from now on.

Less is more

When applying blemish balm and make-up in general, you should always keep in mind that you will just want to cover up irritations of the skin and underline your features. If you apply too much, chances are that your face will appear very unnatural and in the worst case you will look as if you are wearing a mask. Men, however who don’t need to hide between multiple layers of make-up but just use it to underline their natural beauty. So next time you are dressing for a night in a club or in a bar, you should keep that in mind.