Popular Women Fragrances

Perfumes are a special blend of various ingredients that are used to change the body odor. Throughout the years, its popularity has greatly increased to a point where most women are certain to have worn it more than on one occasion in their whole lifetime. However, famous clothes designers and celebrities commonly attach it as a brand name to either considerably increase the sales of the particular fragrance or popularize their own distinct status. On the whole, perfume is that special product which has outstandingly surpassed the test of all time.

Fragrance, in one form or another, has existed since antiquity. Today, no one can tell with any definitive exactness the name given to Cleopatra’s fragrance or to her selected court perfumer. However, things are comparatively different these days. Certain perfumers and fragrances are almost comparable to immense works of fine art and its creators as accomplished artists of the highest ranks.

Prominent Fragrances

Chanel No. 5 is possibly among the best selling fragrances of all times. Ingeniously created by Ernst Beaux in 1921, the fragrance is a unique combination of May rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, vanilla, sandalwood and various other scents. Shalimar, a powdery vanilla scent, was created by Jacques Guerlain in 1925. It takes its mystic name from the famous Shalimar Gardens built by the Great Mogul Emperor, known as Shah Jehan, for his favorite wife.

Joy is commonly reputed to have been the most expensive fragrance at one point. Henri Almeras created it in 1930 to lift the gloom left over, after the 1929 devastating crash of the stock market. It is primarily based on rose and jasmine, and is said to be Jacqueline Onassis’ favorite. Eternity was created in 1999 by Sophia Grojsman for Calvin Klein. It is well known for a light and flowery scent. In 2003, this white lily and freesia-based scent was inaugurated into the famous Fragrance Hall of Fame.