Workplace Safety

Workplace safety is the responsibility of everyone in the workplace from the top executives to the lowest paid employee. Especially those working with or near hazards have specialized procedures and for personal protection and for promoting the safety of others. Hazards include anything that is potentially dangerous, or that may cause bodily injury or illness. When it comes to clothing, government regulations require businesses to provide some safety workwear items, and the companies make their own list of required workwear that employees are responsible to purchase and wear. Workwear for specific protection may be anything from protective eyewear to fire resistant coveralls. One example of governmental regulations is that companies are required by law to provide earplugs for those who work in areas where sound could damage hearing. Then, companies do not want to see their workers injured because of the expense such accidents cause. Because of potential dangers, they may require that workers wear protective helmets even when there is only a slight risk of injury. Employers may not allow an employee to come to work without wearing steel-toed boots. Many workers do not want to be cumbered by back braces, gloves and dust masks, and may opt not to wear them if not required. People take foolish and unnecessary risks just because they do not wish to be bothered, but risky behavior does have direct consequences. People should be mindful to put on their safety workwear. They forget that they are not only protecting themselves, but the workers around them. If they are not wearing their safety glasses and something gets in their eye, they may drop their power tool on their co-worker. The government, the companies and the workers must take safety seriously and workwear is one very, important aspect of keeping the workplace safe.