Jessica Alba’s Style

Jessica Alba is vibrant, fit and fashionable. She elegantly manages to balance her personal life with demands of her full-fledged Hollywood career as a top celebrity. Some even laud Jessica as the world’s most attractive woman. Raving reviews have appeared about her in some of the most popular fashion magazines. With her brunette looks, classic style and toned figure, Jessica Alba is a predominant Hollywood fashion trend setter.

Jessica Alba displays a delicate yet appetizingly dazzling style. Though, gracefully flaunting a glamorous style on the famous red carpet, she elegantly adorns less ostentatious street dresses in her daily life. To get that popularly admired Jessica Alba style, a fashionably designed wardrobe and exquisite makeup are only the beginning. Cultivating her ambiance, air of confidence and body language, might not make one look like her twin, but will definitely turn some heads.

Habits and Fancies

Some of Jessica Alba’s common habits and fancies are daily workout routines, velour tracksuits, fancy hats and hair dressings, designer sunglasses, boot length jeans, structured and slouchy purses, circular earrings, unobtrusive makeup, darkish toned lipstick, and figure-fitting dresses.

Jessica Alba particularly focuses on her body. She eats only healthy natural food and sticks to strict daily work outs to maintain her body in firm shape. She is regularly seen going about her daily routine in velour styled tracksuits, like the ones created by some famous fashion designers. To protect herself from excessive exposure to direct sunlight, she has also been seen in pageboy caps or trucker hats, and the popularly extra-large sunglasses to evade the agonizingly persistent paparazzi.

Jessica flatters her frame by wearing boot length jeans which may show signs of slight wear around the thighs. She often wears branded jeans either when going around the street or off and on the red carpet. As a hallmark, she frequently carries slouchy hand bags or more structured designer bags, mostly in natural, light colors to enhance her exquisite tan.