Victoria Beckham’s Styling

Victoria Beckham is a popular British pop singer, fashion designer, dancer, songwriter, actress, entrepreneur, author and model. Her meteoric rise to fame and sensation in the 90s is attributed to the worldwide renowned pop group, popularly known as the Spice Girls. Since her fame with Spice Girls, Victoria went on to make a number of singles that became instant hits in the world of pop music.

Today, however Victoria is better known in international fashion circles as a famously successful style icon. Beckham began her fashion designing career initially by designing fashion jeans for a famous brand name, but eventually started her own personal denim brand, known as the widely acclaimed dVb style.

Victoria Beckham as a Style Icon

Victoria is persistently chased by paparazzi, especially for her unique fashion styles. She is unanimously revered, as her style places her among the top rank with famous women who are a prominent part of the pop culture. Furthermore, she has a well known, athletic and sensational boyfriend. She is also closely associated with a number of famous designers.

Victoria Beckham has successfully launched a succession of stylish fashion lines, beginning with her own dVb style. She has produced two popular bestsellers and a fashion magazine, and is a spokesperson as well as a top model for many famous designers. She is unlike numerous celebs that have simply instigated fashion lines, as she loves and fully knows more about fashion. She stays totally involved with all aspects of her personal business, particularly in matters that concern fashion.

More recently, Victoria has started a line of exquisite fragrances, as well as sunglasses known as Intimately Beckham. Along with Samantha Thavasa, she also produces a distinct line of jewelry and purses. To top it all up, she has gone on to write an autobiography, two best selling novels and a women’s fashion guide.