When considering hair removal, one is faced with numerous choices. These normally include waxing, laser treatment for hair removal, or simply shaving, to get rid of the unsightly and irritating stubbles.

Shaving or Waxing

Shaving is generally considered the traditional way of removing undesired hair, although waxing is also fast becoming the more favored method. This is particularly the case due to the increasing variety of waxing kits readily available for home use. Given that there are numerous advantages and disadvantages between both these options; one must choose a method that is more preferred.

Many women opt to shave since it is painless, relatively easy and quicker. The main handicap with shaving is that it is a process that requires repetition after a few days, and in some extreme cases, this may even be on daily basis. In addition, hair re-growth is easily noticeable compared to waxing. Shaving is more convenient when on a vacation, as it takes only few minutes.

On the other hand, waxing normally takes longer, especially to achieve that desired professional look. However, waxing normally only requires the procedure to be repeated once every 3 weeks. The second benefit is that hair re-growth is much finer every time, as the waxing procedure removes the hair from its root. For a new user, waxing can be a bit painful. Hence, many women specifically prefer waxing their underarms and bikini areas only. Waxing kits available in various stores includes a variety of gel strips, gels, roll-on types, and spa hair removing kits.

Exfoliation of various waxed areas removes the dead cells. On the other hand, if dead cells are not removed, they will cause the new hair to become entrapped under the skin and eventually start an inward growth. Women are advised the use of abrasive sponges to prevent this serious dilemma.