The Best Sex Positions

The famous Kama Sutra is among the greatest troves of information regarding some of the best sex positions that one may be commonly familiar with. Though there are numerous sexual positions which can tremendously enhance the sexual pleasure for both partners, it details some of the positions that will make the lovers go wild with ecstasy. Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian writing that concerns itself with traditions and ideas said to be the most preferred ways of having enjoyable sex.

Different Positions

One of the positions, called ‘The Clip’, requires the man to lay flat on his back and maintain his legs in an outstretched position. The woman in turn sits astride the man and lets him penetrate her full depth. This position mainly favors the woman who controls the movement, but equally allows the man to fondle her vaginal regions. The man has a perfect view of his lover and can fully watch her thrusting herself. Another sexual placing is known as the ‘Don’t Go’ position. This necessitates both the man and the woman to lie sideways. This position is better for the man since it allows him to exercise full control over the thrusting motions. He will easily be able to stroke his lover’s anal region which is terrific for enhancing stimulation for both sex partners.

A third sexual stance is ‘The Dog’ position. It is generally considered among the most liked Kama Sutra positions, which can suitably be used to bring a woman to experience an orgasm. In order to execute this position, the woman gets down on all her fours so that the man can readily penetrate her from the rear side. This position particularly allows the man to control his thrusting and caress the breasts of the woman as well.